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About Us

richard-donna-brownRichard Brown

Richard Brown, owner of Dog Containment systems, has been in the invisible pet fencing business for over  35 years.  Richard originally started the business with his dad in 1981 as a dealership of the invisible fencing brand. At that time it was the first dealership in Maryland, forth in the United States .

In 1992, Richard and Donna acquired the business and started with a new name, Dog Containment Systems. Two years later Richard became a certified obedience trainer under the training of National K-9 in Columbus, OH, one of the most respected schools in the country.

Through his involvement in training dogs and installing electronic dog fencing systems, Richard has learned that proper exercise not only adds to long and healthy life, but also reduces, if not eliminates, a variety of unwanted behavioral issues.

Customer referrals are an important part of their business. In 2005, their love for dogs and obligation to their clients lead them to Pet Stop, a state of the art pet containment system that is one of the fastest growing organizations in the industry, specifically because of its unique technology and its desire to continue to advance pet fencing to another level.

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