Dog Containment Systems | Counter Surfing
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Counter Surfing

Counter Surfing

Counter surfing is when a dog  jumps up on the counter (or table) to snag a piece of food.  Often, owners wonder how to correct such a behavior if they are not standing next to their dog?  Couple of options: 1)  If you witness your dogs behavior, you can immediately shout “No, no, no” while running to administer the correction to your dog.  Hence giving your dog an instant snap shot in her mind while continuing to say no, no, no forces your dog to remember why she is receiving her correction and that her behavior is unacceptable.


Invisible Fence® Compatible - Universal RemoteOption 2)  You may purchase a  Universal Remote Trainer that works in conjunction with your dog’s pet containment  receiver/collar so when you witness your dogs unwanted behavior you may administer a sound (tone only), vibration or a stimulation to correct the behavior.  To learn more about our Pet Stop remote trainer (compatible with most major brands of pet fencing systems, i.e. Invisible Fence ®, Dog Guard®, Dog Watch®, etc.) go to our products page.

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