Dog Containment Systems | How To Eliminate Puppy Biting @ 6-8 weeks
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How To Eliminate Puppy Biting @ 6-8 weeks

How To Eliminate Puppy Biting @ 6-8 weeks

How to eliminate puppy biting.

When it comes to puppy biting, different people’s idea of
“aggression” can vary quite a bit and that can change the
suggestion on how to proceed. If your puppy is 7 or 8 weeks
old, you’ll want to just redirect the puppy biting behavior
towards a toy or chew bone. If your puppy is simply in an
Ultra rambunctious state, the first thing to do is to take him outside.

This type of behavior frequently indicates that
your puppy needs to eliminate. (And yes… even if you just
took him out and he didn’t have to go!) If you’re sure that
it’s not because he needs to eliminate and you instead feel
that he’s just in a rambunctious state, then by all means:
put him in the crate. The crate is your dog’s “special place”… his
private retreat, not a punishment.

If your puppy is biting, sometimes what will work is if you
quickly bend the lips around the teeth of the puppy and say
“No.”… so that the puppy learns that if he bites you, the
response is something that doesn’t feel good. Just beware
that you do not let this turn into a game.

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