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Myrtle Beach Vacation

Myrtle Beach Vacation

Onyx on the beachBack in August, Our whole family went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a week of sun and fun. When I say the whole family I mean the whole family including Onyx, our Doberman pinscher. While on vacation we started a new regiment that has lasted even up to this date. “What could that be?” You might ask. Well, it’s the age-old thing, exercise. It started out as a morning stroll on the beach. With a cup of tea and coffee, and Onyx by our side off we go to watch the beautiful painting of the sunrise in the sky.

This is Onyx. She is ten years old, and she is one of the reasons we get up each morning and walk through our neighborhood. You see, Onyx has arthritis in her hips. Many of you may already experience this issue with your own family dog, and know how hard it is for them to just stand up or lie down. Yes, we have her on doggie glucosamine, but we noticed an increase in mobility once we started our walks. Now, Onyx looks forward to her walks each morning and enjoys the added benefit of kids petting her at the bus stop.


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