Dog Containment Systems | Prevention against Parvo
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Prevention against Parvo

Prevention against Parvo

Vaccination is your only prevention against Parvo.  Parvo is a hardy virus and can be found surviving on feces and other organic material (soil) for over a year.  Parvo can even survive extreme temperatures.

Vaccinating your puppy or dog is the best way to help protect them.  Make sure your dog is also parasite free, as the virus is more deadly if the puppy or dog is infested with worms or other internal parasites.

If your puppy has been diagnosed with Parvo, they will require immediate veterinary care.  It is important that you take the precautions of disinfecting the areas your puppy or dog have been in and around your home.  Bleach is the only known disinfectant that kills this virus.

TRAINER TIP: If your puppy is not vaccinated, do not introduce or let your puppy play with other dogs you don’t know.  Avoid areas such as dog parks for playtime and walking trails.  Also, take care while walking your little puppy to avoid other dog’s feces.  It is best to avoid walking your little puppy until fully vaccinated unless you can do it only on cement, avoiding grass and dirt areas.

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