Dog Containment Systems | Prevention for Heatstroke
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Prevention for Heatstroke

Prevention for Heatstroke


The best way to save your dog from heatstroke is by prevention.

• Don’t overexert your dog in the heat of the day or without breaks, water and a shady place to lie down. Think about exercising your dog in the morning or late evening. Also be aware of hot asphalt, as it can severely burn your dog’s paws.
• If taking your dog to a park, the beach or for a walk, make sure to have an inexhaustible supply of water—for you and your dog.
• Prepare for the worst when out and about by packing a cooler full of water and ice as well as a small, battery-powered fan and a couple towels. If heat exhaustion strikes, you’ll be prepared.
• When leaving your dog home for the day, it’s best to leave him in the comfort of the air conditioning or a fan if possible. If your dog spends his days outside, make sure he has a spot that will maintain shade all day.
• Make sure your dog has plenty of cool water to drink. Check his water dish throughout the day to make sure evaporation is not leaving your dog thirsty.
• On hot days your dog’s underside needs the most attention, so keep a wading pool full of cool water for your dog to play in, or spray his belly with the hose every now and then.
• If you’ll allow your dog in the family swimming pool to cool down, make sure he is comfortable swimming and can easily climb out using stairs, the deck, ladder, etc.
• NEVER leave your dog in a parked car. A parked car can reach 160 degrees F in a matter of minutes, even with open windows. Within 30 minutes, the temperature of a parked car, midday, can reach lethal temperatures. Either leave your pup home when you know you’ll be making a pit stop, or leave the air conditioning on while your dog sits inside the vehicle—Use two sets of keys: one to leave the car running and one to unlock the car when you return.

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