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Products & Services

Products & Services

Here are some of the ways we can help you and your pet remain safe & happy:

  • Install Pet Stop Electronic Pet Fencing Systems
  • Service all brands of Hidden Fences such as Invisible Fence® brand, Dog Guard® brand, Dog Watch® brand, Pet Safe® brand, Innotek® brand, Making us Truly Full Service Pet Professionals.
  • Sell Equipment Compatible with Most Major Underground Pet Fencing Systems
  • Customized Training Geared to your Pet’s Personality for New and Existing Pet Containment Systems
  • Sell Batteries for Most Major Pet Fencing Brands
  • Basic Obedience Training and/some Behavioral Training

Contact us about scheduling an appointment or to ask about how we can help.


EcoLite Plus Rechargeable Receiver with Charging Station Plus

+ Small and Light
+ Tough and Durable
+ Digital display
+ No Worries if it Gets Wet
+ Night Light

Pet Stop Outdoor Transmitter

+ Cutting-edge technology
+ Temperature safe
+ Digital display
+ Clear communications
+ Reliable

Ultramax Receiver ™

+ Stopper feature
+ Better at keeping them in
+ Flash Alert ® low battery light


Pet Stop ® Ultratuff ™ Receiver

+ Programmable
+ Safety stop
+ Warning field security
+ Compatibility
+ Flexibility


Pet Stop ® Indoor Transmitter

+ Highly customizable system
+ Smart Zone ™
+ Indoor uses
+ Compatibility


Universal Remote Trainer

+ Pleasant Vibration
+ Micro pulse
+ Warning tone
+ Two dog control
+ New! Range Alert

Ask Dog Containment Systems.
Recently Move? New Pet? Need Training? Call us at 240-994-7134 or Contact Us.

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