Dog Containment Systems | Solutions for Pawing
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Solutions for Pawing

Solutions for Pawing

Many dogs will paw and scratch before lying down, but terriers really get into it.  They were bred to dig and burrow after small game, and they paw more than other dogs before settling down to sleep.  Before trying to stop this instinct, here are some solutions to accommodate your dog’s natural instinct to paw;

1) Give them a bed of their own – This is by far the simplest solution. Most dogs appreciate having a bed that’s theirs and theirs alone. The gradual accretion of personal smells will make it part of their territory.  Dog beds are made to withstand a lot of abuse, and most have washable covers as well.

2) Buy a loose-fill bed – To give the most pawing satisfaction for your dog, you may want to get a bed that’s made from loose fill– from cedar chips, for example–rather than a solid mattress.  This gives dogs the opportunity to move the filling around when they paw, which is closer to what they’d experience naturally.

3) Fast Fix – If your dog has one spot where he always sleeps, you may want to throw down a blanket or a soft throw.  This will keep your room looking nice and your dog something comfy to sink their paws into.

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