Dog Containment Systems | The Magic of Compounding and Training
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The Magic of Compounding and Training

The Magic of Compounding and Training

The answer can be obtained by taking a look at what COMPOUNDING is: Compounding is the practice of investing a small amount of something (time, energy, money, effort) into something on a regular basis. And over time, this investment grows, and multiplies! In investment circles, it’s called the “Magic of Compounding!”

 How to unleash the Magic of Compounding When Training Your Dog! If you were investing in a retirement fund, you’d put a little bit of money aside, every two weeks (or every month)… and over a period of years, that investment would grow, right? And not only would it grow by the amount you’re continually adding every two weeks, but it’ll grow because of the interest the investment continues, too! Dog training is the same way.

 What you’ll notice if you set up a consistent dog training regimen is that the more you train, the greater your efforts will affect your dog’s behavior! The only difference is that, ideally, you’ll want to train with your dog more than once every two weeks.

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