Dog Containment Systems | Training Opportunities During the Holidays
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Training Opportunities During the Holidays

Training Opportunities During the Holidays

Take advantage of the Holidays to train your dog’s behavior, and
improve your dog’s performance.  Many visitors means that your
dog will be confronted with many distractions.

Always allow your dog make the decision: If he makes
the right decision, then he receives  praise, praise, praise!!
IF he makes the wrong decision, then he receives a correction (not
punishment) … and then the opportunity to make the right
decision again.
For example: You may give a command, “Lay down and stay,” … When
Aunt Margaret comes in the house, it’s the dog’s decision to stay down
or he may choose to get up and be rude. If your dog makes the right
decision– then he receives praise, praise, praise!! If he makes the wrong
decision, he immediately receives a correction and then put back into
the down position. Now he is given the opportunity to make his decision
again… and hopefully win the praises.  The trick to getting
this to work is to know how to give motivational praise and
how to give a meaningful correction.

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