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What we offer

Electronic Pet Fencing Installation

Installing pet fences for over 35 years, and veterinarian approved and recommended for your complete peace of mind.

Underground Pet Fencing Equipment

Cutting edge technology, customization, packed with valuable features,and user friendly.

Training for Pet Containment Systems

Our trainer, certified through National K-9, uses the latest soft touch training method, GentleSteps™, to quickly and easily familiarize your dog to their fencing system.

Since 1981 Serving Montgomery County Maryland & Beyond

Richard Brown, owner of Dog Containment systems, has been in the invisible pet fencing business for over to 31 years. Richard originally started the business with his dad in 1981 as a dealership of the invisible fencing brand. At that time it was the first dealership in Maryland, forth in the United States .

In 1992, Richard and Donna acquired the business and started with a new name, Dog Containment Systems. Two years later Richard became a certified obedience trainer under the training of National K-9 in Columbus, OH, one of the most respected schools in the country.

Dog Containment Systems Recent Blog Posts

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